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Raised Cage Free


Birds are free to roam in Barns/Houses

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World Quality Services

WQS, LLC is a leading third party Certification Body, providing solutions for over 3,000 clients all across the food chain. In collaboration with Preparation Audit Consultants, LLC, our subdivision has developed a certification program that provides certification of processes related to Animal  and Product Labeling Claims. The WQS Process Certification Program utilizes the expertise of this collaborative subdivision as the foundation for assessing WQS Process Certified Program documentation and client activities. This expertise assures the use of ethical and credible audit practices, as well as recognition of Process Certified audit results worldwide.

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Preparation Audit Consultants

PAC has built an expanded support network based on a stable foundation of field, laboratory, and regulatory experience in a wide variety of industries. Utilizing some of the most experienced personnel available, we apply our knowledge and hands-on capabilities to take the pain out of your expanding challenges. With special focus in the food processing industries, PAC provides support in addressing  regulatory, supplier and consumer requirements.  

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Process Certified - May 2019 (pdf)


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